Afghan Embroidery Project 
Christopher Farr Cloth x Turquoise Mountain

An engagement between the patterns of the printed textiles created by Christipher Farr Cloth and the masterful embroidery of women in Kabul, Afghanistan.

Christopher Farr & Turquoise Mountain have worked in collaboration for many years to create exceptional carpets, however they had not worked together on fabrics until this project.  Afghan artisans were encouraged to creatively respond to three existing designs from the Christopher Farr Cloth archive, including patterns by Kit Kemp, Neisha Crosland and Michael Szell.

Using the medium of embroidery the women artisans overstitched onto printed linen by hand and created entirely original fabrics as a result. The finished three panels of fabric were finished with an edging of traditional ikat and displayed during London Design Festival 2019.
Punch Paisley by Neisha Crosland was ovestritched in complimetary coloured yarn in the Suzani style
Carnival by Michael Szell recieved a creative interpretation where exptic floral patterns were added in Suzani embroidery using silk and wool yarns. The finished pattern added a new bold aesthetic to an already glorously over-the-top design.

Travelling Light by Kit Kemp was overstitched with a technique more commonly used for fashionable garments in a pattern that was incredibly complimentary to the original design.